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The #1 reason Acorn was developed is because of the struggle we encountered when it came to ordering.

There were not any good solutions that fit the bill for all the data points we knew were needed from what we learned selling millions of dollars of products over the course of eight years.

There are so many features built into the ordering segment we could talk for hours, better yet why not check it out for yourself?

  • Things like a Perfected ROI formula.
  • What percentage of the BuyBox are you retaining?
  • Recommended reorder amounts.
  • How much inventory do you have in backstock and/or on special order?
  • Whether Amazon is currently selling the product and for how long.
  • All data is continually refreshed 24/7 so you have the most current information to make critical decisions.
  • Percentage of profitability over time.
  • What percentage of your product is cut by your vendor each order?
  • How many sellers are competing for the BuyBox?
  • How many sales did the product have in the past 7 and 30 days?
  • There are so many features built into the ordering segment we could talk for hours, better yet why not check it out for yourself?
  • Many, many more (over 50) data points that lead to precise and efficient ordering


Managing your inventory has always been a burden until now. Acorn takes complicated, tedious and many times overlooked processes of proper inventory management and simplifies to its bare essentials. 

  • Track inventory by cases, units (in a case) and packs (what gets shipped to Amazon) so you know precisely what you have on hand by a robust check-in process that automatically tells your team what an item prep quantity size is and any special requirements such as poly-bagging, bubble wrapping, boxing, etc. 
  • See historical graphs of BSR, product cost, BuyBox price, ROI and more. Determine what you’re going to ship to Amazon each day by seeing all the same data points you’re used to seeing in your Ordering screen, including a prep score so you know precisely how much your team is capable of getting out each day. No more guessing too low or too high. 
  • Track historical changes to price and title changes. 
  • Ever get negative customer feedback because someone changed a title from a pack of 1 to 6? Now you know nearly immediately when a product title has been monkeed with. 
  • Track what materials (various box sizes, poly bags and bubble wrapping) are used for your products over whatever time period you choose so you know exactly how much to reorder and when. No more having too much or too little materials on hand that result in costing you extra money. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have an idea. Instead of your inventory controlling you, why not let Acorn let you take control of your inventory? 


It’s said the three key elements to a successful business are good people, products and processes. Over the course of time selling on Amazon, we’ve developed, refined, refined some more, and refined even more of our processes that are now part of the Acorn system. 

  • With a beautiful UI (user interface screen) custom created by our partners DeltoLogic, you now have the processes from creating an order, exporting to your vendor, invoice processing, creating check-in’s for when the order is delivered to creating your replenishments each day for what you’re sending to Amazon warehouses. 
  • We’ve built in automated work-flow processes that otherwise were very manual efforts that were often either overlooked or ignored. These processes contain the details that by either omitting or not doing accurately end up costing your business so much money.
  • Sellers often focus on only simple things like how much ROI a product makes, however on most occasions it’s your processes and your attention to the details that make your business thrive or not survive. 
  • Acorn acts like your personal assistant seeing everything gets done accurately and prevents small issues becoming big catastrophes keeping you up at night. 

Better yet, it’s always being improved. As we learn, it also learns. Wake up each day knowing you have a plan for your business to follow and take a little more well deserved time off for yourself knowing Acorn has your back. 

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